Guide to Deià, the most charming village in Mallorca

Between the Sierra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranean Sea lies the Mallorcan village of Deià. This place became a refuge and inspiration for artists and writers in the 60s, and it’s no wonder, as its natural beauty makes it one of the most charming villages on the island.

In this post, we’ll give you some recommendations on what to see in Deià.

Enjoy Cala Deià

what to see and do in deia

Despite being small, Cala Deià is famous for its natural beauty and its tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. It is a unique cove compared to many other beaches in Mallorca due to its rocky and rugged landscape, with crystal-clear and turquoise waters that make it ideal for activities like snorkeling.

If you have a rental car, it will be easier to reach Cala Deià. There is a small parking area near the cove. Keep in mind that it can quickly fill up during the high season. After parking, you’ll need to walk down a descending path to reach the beach.

Visit the Church of Sant Joan Baptista

visit the church of Sant Joan Baptista in deia

The Church of Sant Joan Baptista is an important landmark in the village of Deià. It is situated on top of a hill in the town center and offers breathtaking panoramic views of Deià and the Mediterranean Sea.

Despite the changes it has undergone over the centuries, it still retains its historical character and is a beautiful example of traditional Mallorcan architecture.

Cemetery of Deià

visit deia cemetery

Right next to the church, you’ll find the Cemetery of Deià, where artists, painters, writers, and musicians who have spent a significant part of their lives in Deià, such as the English poet and novelist Robert Graves, are buried.

Robert Graves’ House

visit Robert Graves' House in deia

Robert Graves’ House is a place of great cultural importance in Deià. This house was the home of the famous English writer and poet Robert Graves for almost 50 years.

During his time in Deià, Graves wrote some of his most important works, including “I, Claudius” and “Claudius the God”.

The house, which Graves called Ca n’Alluny, meaning “The House Far from Everything” in Catalan, has been converted into a museum celebrating Graves’ life and work. The museum includes the original house, a garden, and an exhibition building. Visitors can see the house as it was when Graves lived there, with his study, kitchen, bedrooms, and living room, as well as exhibitions about his life and work.

Discover the Archaeological Museum of Deià

visit the archaeological museum of deia

The Archaeological Museum of Deià is a small museum located in a traditional Mallorcan house dating back to the 16th century. It was founded in 1962 by the American archaeologist William Waldren and aims to explore and present the history and prehistory of the Sierra de Tramuntana region, especially around Deià.

The museum’s collection includes a wide variety of objects, ranging from Paleolithic and Bronze Age stone tools and utensils to Roman ceramics and Islamic artifacts. Among the highlights are the remains of “hypogeos,” ancient Bronze Age cave tombs.

The museum is also actively involved in archaeological research and has conducted several excavations in the region, including the site of Lluc Alcari, which has revealed important findings about the prehistoric cultures of Mallorca.

It is a fascinating place to visit if you are interested in history and archaeology, and a great opportunity to learn more about the past of this beautiful island.

Sa Foradada

see saforada deia

Near the village of Deià, you’ll find the viewpoint of Sa Foradada, which offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, making it the perfect place to contemplate the sunset after your visit to Deià.

This place is renowned for its unique rock formation, which features a large hole or “foradada” in the middle of a cliff. This hole gives the formation its distinctive appearance and has become an iconic symbol of Mallorca.

The surrounding area is also known for its scenic beauty, with steep cliffs, turquoise waters, and lush vegetation. It is a very popular spot for hiking and photography, as well as enjoying a picnic or simply admiring the natural beauty.

The Option of Car Rental in Mallorca

Exploring the village of Deià in Mallorca is comfortable and easy if you have a rental car. Car hire in Mallorca also allows you to access places that would be difficult to reach otherwise, such as remote beaches and coves. Moreover, it is a fun way to discover the island, especially when traveling with companions. After this article where we have visited Deià, we only have left to wish you the utmost enjoyment of the island and especially this small and wonderful village.